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There are several advantages to owning a Super C coach over a Class A The most obvious reason is the Chassis.

With a Super C you get a chassis that comes from the trucking industry. These chassis were designed to operate day in, day out hauling heavy loads. The designed components, engine, transmission, rear ends ETC, were made to last for hundreds of thousands of miles. It is not uncommon to see used trucks with over 1 million miles on them. In a nutshell the chassis were and still are designed for people who make their living on the road and need drivability, reliability and serviceability.

Imagine how well built a truck has to be to weigh 80,000lbs and operate for over a million miles. That's the type of Chassis Renegade RV starts with.

Some of the things that make the Super C Chassis so amazing are all the choices. You can choose the horsepower you want, the transmission you want, and the towing capacity you want. You can even choose the instrumentation.

Why Choose IWS?
  • Idaho Wrecker Sales business in the same location for over 20 years. We will be here when you need us.
  • Our shop has been building the nation's finest tow trucks. We know what it takes to keep trucks running day and night in all kinds of weather. No other company has won more awards or been featured in more magazines than us. We know the quality of our customer's lives depends on the quality of trucks we build.
  • That same passion and desire has carried over to IWS Motor Coaches.
  • The same crew that keeps the tow trucks on the road is the same people that will keep your coach going. You will have peace of mind that you are dealing with a company with the most up-to-date and highly trained personnel in the industry.
  • We do what we say we will. I grew up on a ranch in Bruneau Idaho and was raised that a man's word means something. I have hand selected our staff and found people that have the same values that I was raised with. We will never let you down… I give you my word. Charles Ceccarelli, owner and president.
Why Choose a Renegade Motor Coach?
  • Renegade has been building coaches for over 10 years. And will be here for years to come. You don't have to worry about a dealer who will be here today, but gone tomorrow when you need them.
  • Renegade has also built over 2,000 coaches and over 1,500 Trailers. You don't reach those numbers without customers that understand the value of a Renegade.
  • Renegades number 1 buyer for years was the racing industry. Think about it, the people who race and understand mechanical things chose Renegade to haul their race cars, and house their racing teams and families.
  • Renegades are built in Amish Country by true craftsmen that put their passion for building and creating into each Renegade they roll out. Their future and their families future depend on it.
  • Look for the subtle things. Here's just one example of the subtle things; All Renegades have a single point drain so you just open a valve to drain the water for winter. There is no need to drag an air hose in and blow out the pipes. Renegade thought of everything.
  • Once you see a Renegade in person you will understand why Renegade has become so popular with people who are in the know.
Reliability and peace of mind

When you choose a Renegade RV built on a Super C chassis you know you are getting the most stable and reliable motor home chassis you can get. When it comes to building a home, you want a solid foundation to build on. You owe it to yourself to come give one of units a test drive and experience what it's like to drive a stable comfortable safe coach.

Chassis Choice
  • Engine choices up to 600 Horse Power
  • Manual Transmissions from 6 Speed to 18 speed.
  • Automatic Transmissions with up to 6 speeds.
  • Automatically Shifted Transmissions in either 10 or 13 speeds.
  • Towing Capacities up to 40,000 lbs.
  • Engine Brakes in 1 – 2 – or 3 stage configuration (depending on engine)
  • Air Brakes with Air-Operated Parking Brakes.
  • Full Air Ride Suspension with ratings of 20,000 lbs. up to 44,000 lbs. carrying capacity.
  • Load Carrying Capacity ratings from 26,000 GVW to 50,000 GVW.
Cab Comfort
  • Super C chassis drive and feel like you're driving a luxury pickup.
  • The person in the passenger seat will feel secure in a Super C. Many passengers in Class A Bus type coaches feel like they are falling off the road.
  • Getting in and out of the cab is much easier with a Super C. The Driver and Passenger each have a door just like in a pickup. You don't have to walk into the coach to get out like you do in Class A bus type Coaches.
  • Most people feel the ride of a Renegade Super C coach is nicer than in a Class A . The main reason is that on a Class A coach you sit on top of, or in front of the front axle and tires. Not only does that make for a rougher ride it makes for a different driving sensation that many people do not like. With a Super C Chassis you set behind the front axle and wheels just like in a pickup. The road vibrations go into the axle , suspension and engine compartment and not up through your seat
  • Safety, many people including myself feel safer with the engine out front. Looking out over the hood in my mind seems to me to be much more natural to drive then a bus type coach is.
  • Currently the Freightliner chassis are the most popular choices in the Renegade line up. Freightliner has one of the largest dealer networks in the trucking industry. Most of the Freightliner service centers operate 7 days a week.
  • Servicing the engine is as easy as opening the hood. It's easy to check the oil, inspect the belts, or top off fluids. All these features make owing a Super C an easy choice.
  • Breakdowns. Super C Motor Coaches are much easier to tow then are Class A coaches. Most Class A Motorhomes must be hauled on a specialized trailer meaning long waits and expensive tow bills.
  • Engine and transmission repairs are much easier with Super C and much less intrusive. The mechanic works under the hood not inside your home.
  • Many smaller cities do not have the ability to work on Class A coaches, or lack the specialized training to do so. Conversely, most towns have a mechanic that can work on most any, truck-type chassis.

Due to continued product improvement and changes in supply, design, and production equipment, colors, material specifications, prices, and model availability are subject to change without notice. Some photography may show optional items.