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Comparing a Renegade Motor Coach to a Dynamax Dynaquest

Many times the Renegade coach gets compared to the Dynamax Dynaquest Motor Home. While they both use truck style chassis they are different coaches. The Dynamax is built by Forest River in an assembly line setting, as opposed to the Renegade, which are built one at a time, to each customer’s exact requirements. Renegade is a true custom coach-builder, and not just focused on mass producing as many coaches as they possibly can.

When you purchase a Renegade Coach you not only get a luxury motor coach, you also get luxury service.

Most of the craftsmen at Renegade Motor Coaches are Amish with a deep passion for building and creating products that represent their craftsmanship heritage. That same passion for quality is what drives the people here at IWS Motor Coaches. We have come to expect the best and to enjoy the best in true craftsmanship for ourselves and our customers.

Renegade has been building one-off coaches for discriminating buyers for over 17 years. Many of Renegades customers are professional racers that can recognize quality, and have come to depend on Renegade to get them from race to race. Renegade even offers Stacker trailers in both tongue pull and gooseneck models. The Renegade trailer is a work of art that can only be truly appreciated by seeing one in person.

When we attend trade shows with a Renegade motor coach almost everyone that enters says “WOW”, within the first 3 steps of the doorway.

If YOU want that WOW Factor, then come check out a Renegade Motor Coach today!


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