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There are several advantages to owning a Super C coach over a Class A The most obvious reason is the Chassis.

With a Super C you get a chassis that comes from the trucking industry. These chassis were designed to operate day in, day out hauling heavy loads. The designed components, engine, transmission, rear ends ETC, were made to last for hundreds of thousands of miles. It is not uncommon to see used trucks with over 1 million miles on them. In a nutshell the chassis were and still are designed for people who make their living on the road and need drivability, reliability and serviceability.

Imagine how well built a truck has to be to weigh 80,000lbs and operate for over a million miles. That’s the type of Chassis Renegade RV starts with.

Some of the things that make the Super C Chassis so amazing are all the choices. You can choose the horsepower you want, the transmission you want, and the towing capacity you want. You can even choose the instrumentation.

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